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EPrints Digital Preservation

EPrints Digital Preservation

Long term preservation of digital materials is important in a world where our outputs are increasingly only available in digital form. New interfaces are being developed for EPrints repository software to support tools and services used in the community for digital preservation.

  tick Integrating preservation tools into EPrints software
  tick Training on digital preservation for repositories
  tick Training for EPrints preservation tools
  tick Identifying opportunities for complementary preservation services

The EPrints preservation team is developing technical tools and services for
  tick Long term reliable storage
  tick File and format classification
  tick Risk analysis
  tick Action and migration of formats

About Us
Much of this work is currently being taken forward as part of the KeepIt project, funded by JISC, and is based on earlier work and tools developed in the Preserv and Preserv2 projects.

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The following simple Research Data Management advice has just been set around my institution for staff publishing papers to satisfy the new EPSRC data mandate...  Read More
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